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We provide a wealth of knowledge about the types of immunizations and screenings your child will receive. Below, you will find the list of screenings recommended and performed in our office. You can also find helpful information regarding the screenings and immunizations.

Preventative Screening Schedule and More Information

State Metabolic Screen (PKU)

This is a blood test that consists of a heel stick and is performed when the child is at least 24 hours old. The State of Louisiana currently screens for 27 different disorders including PKU (phenylketonuria). These 27 disorders are diseases that would otherwise go undiagnosed until serious problems occurred.


Hearing Screen

The State of Louisiana now requires that all newborns have their hearing tested before they leave the hospital. This simple test identifies children with congenital deafness. The American Academy of Pediatrics as well as the State of Louisiana have recommended hearing screenings at 9 months, 18 months, and 30 months of age. These screenings are done even if your child passed his or her newborn hearing test.



This is a blood test performed at one year of age to evaluate your child for anemia. This test may be repeated if your doctor feels it is necessary.



A urine sample is obtained starting at age 5 to evaluate for diabetes and kidney function. This test may be repeated as necessary.


Vision Screening

A vision test is performed at age 4 and may be repeated as necessary.


Lead Screening

This blood test demonstrates exposure to lead, which can cause anemia and neurologic problems. Routine testing is not performed. If your child lives in or frequently visits a house built before 1978 that has chipping or peeling paint or your home has been recently remodeled, we need to check their lead level. Other risk factors include children with friends or family members who have been diagnosed with lead poisoning and children who live with anyone whose job or hobby involves exposure to lead (such as painting, soldering, auto battery manufacturing or recycling, or auto radiator repair).


Cholesterol Screening

This blood test identifies children who have elevated levels of fat that can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure. Routine testing is not performed. If someone in the family has had problems with high cholesterol or heart problems before the age of 55, please notify your doctor.

For more information about specific vaccinations your child may receive, please click on the immunization below.


Chickenpox Vaccine


Dtap Vaccine


Flu Shot


Hepatitis A Vaccine


Hib Vaccine


Polio Vaccine


Meningococcal Vaccine


Rotavirus Vaccine

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Preventative Screenings and Immunizations

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Immunizations and Children - We Educate All Parents

It is important for your child to receive their immunizations to help protect them against deadly and harmful viruses and bacteria. We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for children's immunizations and screening tests.


We understand the controversial matters that surround vaccines, and we understand your concerns as a parent. We believe in educating you fully about ALL immunizations, and we will never perform any immunizations that you do not want your child to receive.


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